Find Me Online

Streaming Platforms

You can find me streaming several times a week, usually between 4-9pm PT (Seattle, WA). View the Home page for easiest viewing.


Buy or Stream my Recorded Music

All of my music can be streamed for free from the Discography section of my site, including a player from Bandcamp and recorded videos from YouTube. If you’d like to purchase my music, you can purchase from Bandcamp, with a pay-what-you-can rate.


Hang Out Online

I’m rarely posting pictures of the food I eat on the main social media platforms – BUT you can find me on Discord. This is a great place to contact me with specific questions about music, especially if it can help others too!


Virtual Lessons

I teach lessons worldwide, using Zoom or other online platforms. Lessons range from beginner to advanced, with specialties in music composition, audio engineering, and improvisational techniques. Lesson fees are based on a pay-what-you-can rate. I teach Sunday through Wednesdays starting at 12pm PT. Instruments include: guitar (including classical) and bass.

Support my Work

My music is supported three ways: payments for lessons, album sales (through bandcamp), and tips during livestreams. Thank you to all my students and followers who have made this dream a reality for the last two decades!


Reach out to collaborate or start online lessons. Include your phone number in the message, if you want a call back for scheduling.

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