Educate and Entertain

A sample of my classical guitar work:

(Samples of blues and rock below)

I do live performances in a variety of styles. Classical guitar is currently my most popular as it is suitable for almost any venue. The set up is quick and easy and I can accommodate almost any type of space both indoors and out (weather permitting). I can also set up with relative ease to perform blues, rock, or jazz, and because I prepare my tracks so that I can play solo, these genres can be done at much quieter volumes than normal.

I can do anything from a straight performance to an interactive show to an educational seminar. I often enjoy throwing in tidbits about the history of the instrument, the composers, and music in general.

I am currently looking to expand my musical reach in to more spaces and look forward to speaking with you about future possibilities. Feel free to be in touch any time:


Randy Haines

(425) 346-0484

Standing At The Airport, Waiting For A Train

Just A Guitar

I Hope She’s A Troublemaker

Infinity Minus One (Live)