A Sample Invitation

You are invited to a house concert by Seattle area artist Randy Haines at our home on ___Date___, performing his artistry on classical guitar. Please arrive at ___Time___. The concert will start at ___Time (1 hour after arrival)___. This is a donation-based concert; please come prepared to make a donation to the artist after the show.

Randy’s guitar playing strikes a unique balance between the powerful and the serene. Though he comes from a heavy metal background he will be wowing us with just a classical guitar, prepare to be enthralled!

Learn more about Randy at his websites — themadpoet.net and oddology.net

Feel free to make changes, if you wish, to suit your event, or just plug in dates and times and leave everything else as is. Whatever works for you. If you have any questions, you can, of course, call or email me any time:

(425) 346-0484

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