Mailing List

The Mad Poet is primarily giving music out by snail mail. You won’t see many updates here or on social media, but the music is free for the taking for anyone that wants more of it.

If you’d like to hear more of our music give me your mailing address and I’ll send you free CD’s plus other goodies that can’t be sent over e-mail!


One thought on “Mailing List

  1. Hey I met one of your band members last night, and I’m so glad I said something about his cool jacket. When we found out we have a common interest in symphonic/power metal, he was kind enough to give me a guitar pick with the band name and website on it. I have listened to the songs featured on bandcamp and I’m happy to say The Mad Poet is now one of my top favorite power metal bands! What’s even cooler is The Mad Poet is local. It’s always a pain when most of the power metal bands I listen to are overseas. I can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with. Sorry for the long winded comment. I’m really excited to share you guys with my metal loving friends and family. Keeping rocking on!


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