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In Progress Works

The Death Sonnets

The Death Sonnets is a work in progress. It’s a concept album about two children born in to gladiatorial slavery. A boy and a girl, each born to kill and born to die in the arena, they each become champions, growing up in blood. As they grow they fall in love with each other. Once their owners learn of their forbidden love affair they put them in the arena against one another as the ultimate form of punishment…

Tentative track list:

1. The Sestina of Life

2. A Cento for Madness

3-4. The Anaphoras of Time

5. Song of the Long Sky

6. The Haiku of the Eternal Void

 7-9. The Death Sonnets
Death Sonnet The First
Death Sonnet The Second
Death Sonnet The Third

The Villain

The Villain is a project I’ve been working on for several years. It’s just one song, but that song, as yet incomplete, is already close to an hour long.

It’s the story of Jack the Ripper’s great granddaughter continuing his legacy. A series of murders, conducted in the style of the Jack the Ripper, are taking place, claimed to be done by a descendant of the infamous Jack. There are many unexpected twists and turns in the Jack the Ripper mythos in this fast paced story.

Past Work

Back in 2004 I put out my first album, Confusion, it’s an instrumental progressive metal album. You can learn more about it here: Confusion

Confusion, in it’s entirety, for your streaming pleasure: