Sibelius note input

As I am trying to get acquainted with the Sibelius interface I’m running in to all kind of things that don’t seem to make sense, I have been unable to find a reasonable resource for answers to these questions. Many of these things are very basic to music composition. If you could point me in the direction of a reasonable comprehensive resource, that has ready answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

I don’t feel like the input methods are very strong in this program, I may just need more time with them. But the example below could be a deal breaker:

If I input a line like this:


And then realize that I meant to input sixteenth notes, so I change them to sixteenths, it does this:


The same situation in Guitar Pro makes much more sense. The same line:




As near as I can tell, Sibelius will not allow the position of a note to change within a measure once it has been entered. I understand the concept of not allowing an incomplete or over time measure, but unless I’m missing something, and I hope I am, this seems completely absurd, no one will enter every note in the correct spot and at the correct value every time.

I have found a plug-in that does this, but it copies the notes at half value, then I paste them in, it pastes them in twice to fill up the entire space, and then I have to delete the second half. Seems terribly inefficient and slows my work flow significantly. In Guitar Pro it’s a single keystroke.

This seems like such a basic thing I feel that I have got to be missing something. As I see it right now, to achieve my desired effect in this case, I have to change the value of the notes and then re-enter seven of them. And this example is a very simple one!  If you have any information that could lead me in the right direction on this I would love to hear it.

Right now I’m on a studio computer trying this out, and while there are some fantastic features, if the basic entry of notes is this difficult there’s no way I could justify the exceptional price that is charged for this software.

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